Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Engineering
  • Robotic, CNC & semi-manual plant - for a range of batch sizes
  • Full range of primary & auxiliary in-house operations
  • Laser profiling & laser inspection station
  • Skilled & experienced workforce

Laser Sparks pictureInvestment

As a forward thinking company, we continuously invest in the most effective current technology (such as combined laser/punching and robotic manufacturing cells), whilst retaining manual skills for optimum flexibility. View our sheet metal capacity sheet.

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Service Scope

  • Laser & Punch Profiling - using laser profilers, punch presses, and the first Pullmax combined Laser/Punch profiler in the United Kingdom
  • Bending & Folding - robotic bending cells and CNC presses
  • Fabrication including manual and robotic cell Spot Welding, Arc Welding, Riveting, CNC and manual Inserting (nutserts, hexserts, studs, self-clinchers, etc.), Cleaning, Graining, and Assembly

Volumes and Materials

The range and scale our plant enables us to offer an effective service covering batch sizes from one to thousands. We have accumulated a great deal of experience with a variety of materials; from general commercial to food and medical industry grades of stainless and other steels, aluminium, plus further metallic and non-metallic materials.

Design Communication

We will happily accept printed drawings of your engineering designs. For a faster turnaround, however, we can accept a variety of drawing file formats for direct use or conversion into our internal engineering software (primarily Radan and Solidworks). To see a detailed table of the drawing file formats we can accept, please click here.